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 Comprehensive Plan Lawsuit Information

03.01.2022 - MVCC/Futurewise Complaint & Petition

12.29.2021 - Wed BOCC Meeting Summary: 

  • It’s established that Commissioners may make changes to Comp Plan under Growth Management Act statutes if the changes are considered non-substantive or typographical/grammatic errors, thus avoiding a public hearing. Commissioner Branch leads the discussion & answers questions proposed by Hover.

  • Comp Plan discussion: Water section, WRIAs, a few Wildfire issues, Agri-tourism/Agri-business, re-appropriation of relinquished water rights, MCPA’s and criteria for Advisory Groups, Tunk and Methow Valley issues, criteria for Sub Area Advisory committees, reflections and reminiscences on Comp Plan. Comp Plan adopted with a change as to who deals with relinquished water. 

  • Future actions: Likelihood of external counsel for zoning ordinance update; strategic planning; Critical Areas ordinance; Moratoria on building, subdivision, and marijuana due in Jan and Feb. 

  • Executive session: repealing Resolutions  #119- 2014 and  #31-2015.  2014 Zone Code adoption issue, and questions re lawsuit. Public hearing on county redistricting. ​

Ordinance - 2021-13 - Adoption of the revised Okanogan County Comprehensive Plan of 11-4-2021

12.22.2021 -  Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement

12.22.2021 - Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Document comparing Draft EIS to Final EIS

Planning Department responses to Draft EIS public comments

12.10.2021 - Yakama Nation Press Release relating to Timeline for Comp Plan

11.04.2021 - Comp Plan Document

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