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 Okanogan County Commissioners' Meetings Notes

The Board of Okanogan County Commissioners (BOCC) meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, and occasionally Wednesdays in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room in the Virginia Granger Building in Okanogan.

County Watch volunteers attend the meetings (either remotely or in person) and post notes on this website.

The county’s official minutes of these meetings are usually posted a week or two after the meeting and can be read here.

Watch BOCC meeting in real time via AV Capture:

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on the BOCC Weekly Agenda.

*The notes found on this page are from 2022-2023. For previous years, please visit the archive tab.

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5.23.2023 Tues PM BOCC



  • US Fish and Wildlife Service says introduction of 25 grizzlies in North Cascades National Park will respect input from stakeholders; Commissioner Hover asks for commitment to adapt to local circumstances, Commissioner Neil makes sure no “problem bears” in the equation; another meeting to follow as plan develops and more input received

  • Court Administrator presents plan to retain Staff Interpreter an extra year; Commissioner Hover wary of “retention bonus”, prefers bigger salary hike instead; several applications received for Juvenile Court vacancies

5.23.2023 Tues AM BOCC



Public Comments: Ruth Hall asked if the BOCC knew why the Columbia River was so low? AH answered that they are trying to dredge the Methow River of built-up silt/sand and debris – therefore, keeping the river levels low to do this.

• Discussion of how to fund a new ambulance in Tonasket- run a special levy or bond.

• Surplus auction should go online this week after more information received by the Sheriff's Office.

• Approval of consent agenda and vouchers: Public Hearing for Utility Franchise with Colville Confederated Tribes continued until 6/20 @11:00 am.

• Public Works: County Engineer met with WDFW for agreements/permits on Seal Creek and Bonaparte Creek Road, also met with Methow Trails regarding Goat Creek Crossing – they have applied for LTAC funds to fix bridge.

• Emergency Services Manager in to solidify burn ban restrictions in Resolution 61-2023, giving Emergency Manager ability to consult with Fire Advisary Group to change dates and times if needed – Burn ban to go into effect 6/15/2023. Discussion of distributing tax money collected to OBHC for Mental Health services, Drug/alcohol assessment& tx, Developmentally Disabled services. Wa State Public Works Board will be giving some workshops in this area.

• Meeting adjourned at 11:37 until 1:30 PM.

5.22.2023 Mon AM BOCC



 Commissioner Branch updates the other commissioners about his recent meeting with members of the Colville Tribal Council about two trailer parks. He’d like the other commissioners, Pete Palmer, Planning Director, Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management and maybe Sheriff Budrow to meet with the Tribal Council to continue the discussion.

 Isabelle Spohn comments on the lack of progress in ensuring egress from the Methow Valley in case of a fire.

 Pete Palmer adds to Commissioner Branch’s update about the meeting with the Colville Tribal Council. She also updates the commissioners about Peter Goldmark’s request to waive the fee for his address change, the gravel pit’s Conditional Use Permit, and the Copperstone Planned Development application.

 Cari Hall, County Auditor and Pam Johnson, County Treasurer, update the commissioners about the annual audit report to the State Auditor that they’ve completed and hope to submit that day.

 Adjourn for lunch at 11:40.

5.22.2023 Mon PM BOCC



- Courthouse Security – discussion of installation of weapons detector and single entry point for public - Review of weapons detector quotes and discussion about which is the preferred vendor 

- Discussion about funds for homeless/affordable housing and who should administer them 

- Discussion about creating a standard policy on procedure for how BOCC appoints members to      boards and committees 

- Discussion about appointment of members to the Okanogan Communication District - Discussion about repairs needed on Oroville and Tonasket EMS buildings 

- Discussion about increasing the compensation for the Clerk of the Board

5.16.2023 Tues AM BOCC



· EMS districts budget discussion.

· Working out details of temporary County/Cities agreement for police coverage – crime is increasing, difficulty of recruitment and retention of deputies in all areas of county – currently 3 open positions in the Sheriffs Dept. Need for additional vehicles – there are 10 vehicles (boat also) included in surplus auction. Sheriff presents request for pay increase/pay grade for Undersheriff – Board to discuss pay overall for County employees.

· Emergency Services Manager update Board on current flood conditions around the county,

· Public Works projects update.

· Meeting adjourned – 11:43.

5.16.2023 Tues PM BOCC



·  By popular demand, IT to order multi-function PDF-editing software; sheriff’s officers to receive module to connect phones to records app, allow real-time comments–licensing cost will double

·  HR chief setting up safety courses with Lifeline, trainings for new employees; appraisers to identify buildings for evaluation

·  Fair Advisory Committee website not up-to-date, sparks discussion on who should receive information regarding board and commission appointments, term expirations, letters of interest

·  Milfoil treatment newsletter going out to Lake Osoyoos residents, Forest Service grant money to fund weed treatment on Palmer Mountain

·  Fair contract still has a few wrinkles

5.15.2023 Mon AM BOCC



  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, updates the BOCC on the updating of the Shoreline Master Plan, renewing the Methow Watershed Foundation’s service contract with the county and Peter Goldmark’s request for waiver of the $97 address change fee.

  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management, updates the BOCC of several instances of overflowing creeks due to snow runoff.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, and the BOCC discuss possible fixes for the 4-H Horse Barn and the renewal of the DNR contract. The DNR has used the Fairgrounds in the past to set up a fire camp and a Command Center.

  • Adjourn until Tuesday at 12:03. Tues PM BOCC



  • Engineering firm proposes identifying segments of Justice Center project before budgeting, starting with analysis of existing facilities

  • In review of 5/2 proceedings Commissioner Branch asks to include his comment on widely differing bids for  Oroville’s new Housing Project; with EMS vouchers, Branch dreams of less-cumbersome protocol

  • Text from Sheriff’s office asks for full performance report plus $500 fee when sheriff’s staff is summoned to town of Twisp; further discussion needed

  • Surplus vehicles soon to be auctioned

5.9.2023 Tues AM BOCC



· BOCC in process of appointing a position for the Health District Board.

· Public Comment Period: questions about cattleguard franchises, and victim of 2020 fire asking for 911 fee waiver,

· Planning Director in to discuss process for changing address & naming a road when there are enough residences that require this.

· County Treasurer updating BOCC on finances/payments of taxes-foreclosure notices sent for nonpayment of property tax, interest rate on investments raising to 4.5%,

· County Auditor-one position open, business has picked up since Covid, working with vendor to transfer data to new computer system – may need to change 'going-live' date.

· Public Works: Cattleguard franchise application approval, Bid opening for Twisp River Road Bridge repair (2 bids received).

· Adjourned 12:05.

5.8.2023 Mon AM/PM BOCC



· Commissioners hold two separate Executive Sessions, dealing with potential or ongoing litigation. One session involves Shelley Keitzman, Human Resources and Risk Management, and Esther Milner, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor. The other involves Milner and Pete Palmer, Planning Director. Both approximately 15 minutes long.

· Naomie Peasley (Fairgrounds Manager), Maurice Goodall (Emergency Management) and Susan Speiker (Chief Deputy Clerk) update the commissioners

· Pete Palmer, Planning Director, and the commissioners discuss changes to the Zoning Code’s District Use Chart. After much discussion, they decide that they will concentrate on getting the stipulated forms of the code ready to be sent out for comment and put the rest of the Zone Code on hold right now.

· Sheriff Paul Budrow asks the commissioners for a raise for his Chief Civil Deputy. He also updates the commissioners on the need to hire a Designated Crisis Responder because Okanogan Behavioral Healthcare can’t provide one, the need to start thinking about a new jail facility and other jail matters.

· Commissioners hear a presentation from Team Okanogan Animal Rescue about their work in the county and state-wide. They ask the commissioners for a 99 year lease on property where they will establish their shelter.

· Commissioners interview and approve Katherine Jordan for a position as an alternate on the Water Conservancy Board.

5.2.2023 Tues PM BOCC



•  Housing officials appeal for funds to cover $750,000 spending gap for Oroville Housing 

Authority’s 16-unit project, due to break ground in June; county can foot half the bill

•  Human Resources director says Lifeline the cheapest for CPR/defibrillator training:

$5,000 for 100 employees; cost of adding defibrillators (with spare parts) to Courthouse:


•  First opioid settlement received, more to follow

•  Commissioner Neil not happy about farmers’ emergency winter housing ousted to build Oroville’s 

affordable housing development, Commissioner Branch mentions county right of way activity, problems 

with the State waiving rules,

•  Water Board member approved

•  Commissioner Hover’s comment letter asking for participant status in grizzly re- introduction 

plan signed by Whatcom and Skagit counties; Chelan and Snohomish wrote separate letters.

•  In informal discussion Commissioners Branch and Neil show skepticism over animal management 

programs; Branch suggests possible BOCC third term.

5.2.2023 Tues AM BOCC



· Public Comments: Meetings, special meetings, and significant action should be publicized better since a lot of Okanogan County folks don’t have computers. News releases might be helpful and/or mailing.Discussion of code revisions/policy changes with the Civil Deputy-removing things that are obsolete. Civil Deputy will work on resolutions and/or ordinances to codify changes. Things like office hours need to be updated for all departments. BOCC is the legislative body to determine these. There are some rules/regulations that come from the Health District.

· Team Okanogan to come to BOCC next week.

· Discussion of whether to assess a misdemeanor or infraction for non- compliance with Planning.  Public Works Update: Maintenance & road conditions, Owhi Lake, Bonaparte Lake, Seal Creek, Wolf Creek, upcoming projects – speed reduction for Barnholt Loop Road requested. Waiting for sale of Hunter Mounting acquisition to close, First draft of 2024-2029 road project list in draft form. Okanogan Homeless Coalition looking for funds to continue construction.

· Meeting adjourned at 11:52

5.1.2023 Mon AM/PM BOCC



  • Bob Eubanks makes a public comment about zoning issues in the county area between Omak and Okanogan. He and his neighbors prefer to remain in the county instead of being annexed into a town.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director would like to hire someone to help the department work on proposed Planned Developments.

  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management describes some areas of flooding from spring runoff.

  • Commissioners and Laney Johns, Clerk of the Board, hold a 10 minute executive session under RCW 42.30.110(1)(g) to evaluate an applicant for employment or to review the performance of a public employee.

  • Commissioners and Pete Palmer finish discussing the proposed county rezone code, except for the District Use Chart, which will be discussed on Monday, May 8.

  • Meeting adjourns for the day at 3:06

4.25.2023 Tues AM BOCC



· Discussion re: incorrect notice for Planning Meeting & no public comment period – zoning and rural character of County.

· Approval of 2 subdivision proposals; Long Plat (Park Place) 2021-2, and Warner (on East Lake) Long Plat alteration 2022-1.

· Approval of Fairgrounds' Manager bid recommendation for 40 stall Horse Barns with Noble Panels.

· Letters of interest for District 1 & 3 LTAC position.

· Wa State Capital Budget passed approving $670,000 for Courthouse rehab with 5% to 7% Administrative Fee.

· Made decision for Auctioneer Services for County Surplus Auction on May 15th – GovDeals – online and in person,

· Update from Solid Waste and Public Works – Upcoming meeting with Environmental Protection Agency regarding Air Quality – new rules.

· Adjourn for lunch – 11:28.

4.25.2023 Tues PM BOCC



·  Deputy Prosecutor Esther Milner negotiates contract agreement with rep from County’s on-call Engineering firm; Licensing Dept. doorway, Fairground barns, Jail geo-thermal to benefit

·  Coroner presents Snohomish County autopsy services contract for approval, shows signs of a too-busy week, is excited about imminent purchase of Randox machine for drug testing.

4.24.2023 Mon AM/PM BOCC



  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, and the commissioners discuss a gravel pit operated by Lloyd Logging that’s out of compliance with the Planning Department (its Conditional Use Permit (CUP) expired in 1987) and is also out of compliance with its Department of Natural Resources (DNR) permit. They discuss the enabling the Planning Department to issue fines to insure compliance.

  • Palmer and the commissioners continue last week’s discussion about Zone Code revisions.

  • The commissioners, DNR and the Okanogan Conservation District (OCD) discuss wildfire resiliency planning in the county and the importance of tailoring Firewise programs to each community.

  • The commissioners and Dave Mullins discuss funding issues of the Tonasket EMS District. Mr. Mullins has a list of possible solutions to provide more hours of service in the district. Commissioner Branch promises that the BOCC will consider the items on his list.

4.18.2023 Tues AM BOCC



No Public Comments

• HR/Risk Manager introduces newly hired Public Records Request Clerk, Kathy Tedrich.

Continued organization of Courthouse Safety Committee suggests software (Add on program)

purchase which could be partially reimbursed by the Risk Pool BOCC approves $4,812


• Finance Committee Meeting with Auditor, Deputy Auditor, and Treasurer: County is receiving

4.25% interest on investments, current expenses looking good , other discussions re: budget,

BOCC wants to make a blanket rule of 50% reduction on Fairgrounds fee schedule for County School

Districts. Assessor's new car is available. BOCC needs to set budget for new Lake Management

District #1, Auditor in the middle of Annual Report. Everyone is in the process of

moving/migrating to new computer program (MUNIS).

• Bid Opening for Asphalt work at the Landfill where appliances are stored.

• Adjourned for lunch 11:11.

4.18.2023 Tues PM



•  Citizen’s letter accuses County of under-funding Oroville EMS District

•  Lone bidder for surplus auction is online company; search for auctioneers continues

•  Member removed from Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

•  Superior Court Clerk plays “squeaky wheel” in urging fix for discrepancies between staff 

salaries and comparable county posts; BOCC says get HR’s opinion, anticipates resolution through 

June contract negotiations

•  Participants from five counties weigh-in on re-vamped Grizzly introduction plan: three

commissioners object, others want more information, all public comments in favor

• Meeting adjourned at 5:00.

4.17.2023 Mon AM BOCC



· Commissioner Branch proposes that the BOCC create a list of issues that need to be discussed. These issues could be added to the agenda when there’s an opening on Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday.

· Pete Palmer, Planning Director, says she’s met with 62 of the 77 licensed cannabis growers in the county over the last year. She’s now sent out a bill for the annual registration fee but only 52 growers have responded. She would like to send one more warning letter and then begin pulling licenses if she receives no response. BOCC approves the plan.

· The commissioners will check with the County Auditor to make sure they can offer a 50% rental fee reduction for schools in the county interested in renting facilities at the Fairgrounds.

· BOCC goes into Executive Session under RCW 42.30.110(1)(i)—ongoing litigation. 30 minutes, inviting Pete Palmer and Tadas Kisielius, appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office, from Van Ness Feldman Law Firm.

· Commissioners, LTAC (Lodging Tax Advisory Committee) and OCTC (Okanogan County Tourism Council) discuss if the LTAC can make a proposal to spend $25,000 for soft wear to help gather useful data even though the deadline for proposals passed months ago. They decide that it would be better to wait until this summer when proposals will again be considered.

· Commissioners review the list of expenditures for ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) expenditures made in 2022. Commissioner Branch must report these expenditures by the end of April.

· Adjourn at 3:30.

4.11.2023 Tues AM BOCC



•  Cortner(contractor)on site today to locate utilities for the Justice Building;

•  Discussion regarding letter/action together with the Eastern Wa Council of Governments regarding 

    breeching of the Snake River Dams – concern about commerce;

•  Management of threatened Wildlife Species due to 'fractured landscape';

•  Discussion of partnership with Conservation District, Methow Watershed Council and others for 

    Water Bank – need to re-write the water code;

•  Update from Methow Watershed Council;

•  Discussion/Review Voluntary Stewardship Work Group – have received 6 applications that need to 

    be appointed by BOCC – previous resolution directs Planning Director to run this group – may 

    require some changes,

•  Andy Hover to represent BOCC on North Cascades Interagency Committee on Grizzlies,

•  Details for updating contracts with Extension Service and Noxious Weed office space;

•  Public Works: 4 day road closure for work on Twisp Transfer station, Behind schedule on Shop 

   Construction – hope to have them ready for use by November,

• Adjourn 11:42.

4.11.2023 Tues PM BOCC



Assessor and remaining two members of Board of Equalization, which arbitrates appeals to property appraisals, debate strategies for future; to avoid BOCC having to take on hearings. AH accords pay of $160 a day, four days a year, up from $75. Newspaper and radio appeals will hopefully bear fruit.

4.11.2023 Tues PM BOH



•  Financial report cites field training for Environmental Health specialist; resolution 2023-03 

transferring voucher-signing from BOCC to BOH sparks discussion about payments between meetings 

requiring subsequent full-board review

•  Formal approval of new organizational charter (res. 2023-04) naming single 


instead of administrative team

•  Health Officer welcomes decline in Covid hospitalizations, cases still twice state average, end 

of health emergency May 11ᵗʰ means masking in health care settings no longer required; Dr. Wallace 

gears up for new health care assessment compiling region-wide data

•  BOH votes in Lauri Jones as Administrator, Michael Harr appointed Environmental Health Director, 

salaries determined by board.

4.10.23 Mon AM/PM BOCC



•  Commissioner Branch proposes that the BOCC create a list of issues that need to be discussed. 

These issues could be added to the agenda when there’s an opening on Monday, Tuesday or even 


•  Pete Palmer, Planning Director, says she’s met with 62 of the 77 licensed cannabis growers in 

the county over the last year. She’s now sent out a bill for the annual registration fee but only 

52 growers have responded. She would like to send one more warning letter and then begin pulling 

licenses if she receives no response. BOCC approves the plan.

•  The commissioners will check with the County Auditor to make sure they can offer a 50% rental 

fee reduction for schools in the county interested in renting facilities at the Fairgrounds.

•  BOCC goes into Executive Session under RCW 42.30.110(1)(i)—ongoing litigation. 30 minutes, 

inviting Pete Palmer and Tadas Kisielius, appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office, from Van Ness 

Feldman Law Firm.

•  Commissioners, LTAC (Lodging Tax Advisory Committee) and OCTC (Okanogan County Tourism Council) 

discuss if the LTAC can make a proposal to spend $25,000 for software to help gather useful data 

even though the deadline for proposals passed months ago. They decide that it would be better to 

wait until this summer when proposals will again be considered.

•  Commissioners review the list of expenditures for ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) expenditures 

made in 2022. Commissioner Branch must report these expenditures by the end of April.

•  Adjourn at 3:30.

04.04.23 Tues PM BOCC



  • Deputy Prosecutor’s review of on-call engineering firm contract centers on liability clauses; clarification needed - anticipated projects: cutting jail door, barn design, safety issues 

  • Liability insurance up, new deductible: $3M, talk of re-insurers; new Records Coordinator learning the ropes 

  • HR/Risk Pool Director presents $10,000 estimate to train most county workers in CPR and defibrillator use; Public Health would subsidize

  •  Executive session with Planning Director and Deputy Prosecutor: large lot segregation and possibility of litigation 

  • Commissioner Branch reports on zoom meeting with lobbyist to explain newly-announced public lands rule; Okanogan likely to join Chelan and Douglas counties in opposing it, questions where money would go 

  • New Fairgrounds Assistant should be all-year and not just seasonal, says Commissioner Hover, Commissioner Branch has “high expectations” management will be up to par

  • 10% reduction in Tyler’s Fit Factory membership accorded to county employees opting for automatic payroll deductions

04.04.23 Tues AM BOCC



  •   ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds report due at the end of April.

  • Commissioners contacted by a nationwide group (NACO) regarding public land in individual counties. They propose utilizing Local And Tribal Consistency Funds (LATCF) which the county receives based on the amount of public land in the County. This new advocacy group (NACO) would take 1% of monies received to help fund this group. Okanogan County share would be $120,000 – the most of any Washington County. BOCC needs more information and initially, is not willing to join this group and utilize our money this way.

  • Board heard from Clerk and Risk Manager regarding the need for car to take sensitive court materials to the Justice Building. 

  • BOCC is amending the Public Health Charter – creating a new resolution. 

  • One bid received for auctioneer services at the County Fair.

  • Approval received for refund allocation of money for the District & Superior Court.

  • Chief Dispatch Officer updates BOCC; Coulee Dam Police Dept will be utilizing Grant County Dispatch services – rather than Okanogan County, to begin next year, budgeting of sales tax revenue among agencies. Continuing to look around for buildings if the proposed site with the City of Okanogan and Tribe does not work. Staffing: 11 of 13 Dispatch positions are now filled. July is the delivery date for the new Mobile Command Center.

  • Permit received for work on Tunk Building.

  • Bid Opening for Old Hwy 97 road project: 3 bids.

  • 4 counties weighing in on bear relocation plan.

  • Resolution changing Fair Assistant position from seasonal to full time.

  • Surplus auction has been advertised for May 13, 2023.

  • Public Works/Planning Department continue to develop new Recreation/ Trails Position.

  • Solid Waste and Public Works: Barnholt Loop considering 25 MPH speed limit change.

  • Adjourn at 11:50 until the afternoon session.

04-03-23 Mon AM BOCC



  Commissioner Neal heard in a radio interview with District 7 legislators that funding for the Omak bridge may not be included in the state budget this year. 

 Commissioners hear brief updates from Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management, Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, and Pete Palmer, Planning Director. Pete Palmer says George Thornton was elected chair of the Planning Commission at its recent meeting, but will resign from the Commission when he moves out of the area, possibly in six months. 

 Commissioners discuss several sewer systems in the north part of the county. 

 Meeting adjourns for the day at 10:23.

03.28.23 Tues-AM-BOCC



Discussion/Review of Cortner proposals on the JB (Justice Building) site utilities, authorized clerk to draft resolution to proceed. 

• HR & Search & Rescue: In the Methow, winter damage to trailer, repair or replace. Need storage for equipment. 

• Surplus auction scheduled for May at the Fairgrounds, Special Occasions Liquor License to the Elks for certain Rotary fundraising events. 

• Awarded Legal Notices Bid to Oroville Gazette & Methow Valley News, 

• Public Works: Graders are out working on roads – still some weight restrictions, Current Projects listed. Beginning Gravel Crushing at three gravel pits; Gavin, Wauconda, and Central Pit. Looking for land for more gravel pits. Hunter Mountain WDFW documents approved – sale/purchase should close by May. 

• No Wednesday Meeting, 

• Meeting adjourned at 11:34 until afternoon session @ 1:30.

03.28.23 Tues PM BOCC



• Seasonal full-time assistant hired for the Fairgrounds 

• Community Health Director gives instructions for using Narcan to save overdose victims; 16 opiods deaths a year since 2021; Covid still here but “people aren’t dying” 

• Sheriff discusses Brady law requiring injection sites, law enforcement’s inability to arrest; department staff of 85 has ten unfilled posts 

• Prosecutor’s office counts successful convictions in murder, robbery, assault cases 

• Chief Civil Deputy Esther Milner’s work praised by Prosecutor and Commissioner Branch 

• Public Records Coordinator post filled 

• Some District Court costs possibly reimbursed after Blake decision invalidated drug possession felony; security officers now in courtroom 

• Superior Court clients now must take a number 

• State to fund windows for Courthouse annex 

• WSU Extension seeks volunteers to judge 4-H Fair projects 

• County’s appointed on-call architect learns at meeting it was also selected for current projects–Law and Justice Center renovation discussed 

• TD&H Engineers to tackle multiple Courthouse projects

3.27.23 Mon AM-PM-BOCC



 The BOCC considers a request for a fee waiver to rent the Agriplex for the Omak High School Senior Class banquet and party.

  Zak Kennedy, county lobbyist, updates the BOCC on the current session in Olympia. Discussion of HB 1670, a bill allowing a county to raise the limit of property tax increase from 1% to 3%. 

 Commissioner Hover will write a draft letter of the BOCC’s comment on the introduction of grizzly bears in the North Cascades National Park.

  The Planning Department update includes a discussion of an animal shelter that’s out of compliance, but its operators are working with the county to bring it into compliance. Planning will revoke the Conditional Use Permit for a junk yard near Ellisforde. Its operator can’t keep junk from spilling out in to the right-of-way. 

 The Veterans’ Relief Committee is partnering with the Community Action Council to better serve the veterans in the county. 

 The BOCC hears a brief overview of the revision of the zoning code from Pete Palmer and Ferdouse Oneza of Oneza and Associates. The revision incorporates changes with regard to water availability, the district use chart and compliance with the Revised Code of Washington. Board of Okanogan County Commissioners Monday, March 27, 2023 AM & PM 2 

 The BOCC repeals or amends outdated sections of the Okanogan County Code. 

 The BOCC hears a discussion about the reallocation of money from the Blake Fund Bureau.

03.21.23 Tues AM BOCC



• HR/Risk Management: BOCC agrees to allow gym membership to be voluntarily deducted from payroll -MOU to follow, Staff gave feedback regarding newly hired Courthouse security @ Safety Meeting last Wednesday, Health District to come to Department Heads meeting to give presentation on how to use Narcan. Union Representatives to be notified, additional hallway camera being installed. HR reports there are 15 staff who have not completed their sexual harassment training. Some discussion for policy in use of drones.

• Finance Committee: Treasurer and Auditor. Discussion interest earned on unspent bond funds, Treasurer reports that Washington Federal Bank is 100% collateralized. Other budget items, ARPA fund and local assistance funds. Auditor reports that we are 2 months away from the Annual Report to the State Auditor. Some fraud on County bank accounts were detected. Auditor looking into other strategies to protect taxpayers money. Treasurer to be sending out tax delinquent notices/foreclosures. 

• Waste Management: Bid Opening for Twisp Transfer Station Leachate Gutter reconstruction – 3 bids received. Public Works to give recommendation. 

• Highland Community Support Coalition (HCSC) gave presentation regarding short timeline for grant opportunity for Latino small businesses loan - $11,300 per business possible. 

• Meeting adjourned at 11:43 until 1:30 in the afternoon.

03.21.23 Tues PM BOCC



• Economic Alliance board discusses possible projects for newly available “.09” dollars: Roadwork and sewers on Rodeo Trail in Okanogan, a grant writer for the Alliance, planning and feasibility studies, road security in Mazama, Okanogan landfill; prefers projects with additional funding sources • Short discussion with cities on jail fees, need to raise them, deplorable health conditions, lack of safety

• Behavioral Health reps discuss MCOs (managed care organizations), long waiting lists for both children and adults, positive results with internship program 

• On-call designee MJ Neil chosen with DOG as architects for “Law and Justice Center” at former Forest Service building 

• Commissioner Branch has reservations about shoreline site east of Okanogan for new Coroner’s/Sheriff’s building; proposes assessment by insurance company 

• USDA Wildfire Defense grant refused; county to re-apply; Branch regrets those closest to forest boundaries opposing forest treatment 

• Commissioner Hover expresses desire to join Grizzly Bear Task Force 

• Fair Queen’s fundraising activities discussed 

• Methow Valley News/Oroville Gazette Tribune chosen as newspapers of reference for legal advertisements 

• Meeting adjourned at 4:18

03.20.23 Mon PM BOCC



  • Update on Dept of Ecology inspection of unpermitted properties in the flood plain.

  • Discussion of enforcement when properties are developed outside of the rules.

03.20.23 Mon AM BOCC



  •   Complaint requiring Planning Dept enforcement 

  • Plans for Concunully Dam

  • LTAC fund use 

  • Public hearings on budget supplementals for roads and election security 

  • Discussion of need for incentives to attract applicants for vacant Juvenile detention officers

  • Fairgrounds update – RV reservation system, tree planting, new horse stalls, scrap metal disposal

3.14.23 Tues AM BOCC



Auditor Report: 

LTAC(Lodging Tax) funds being considered for visitor information centers. 

• Discussion of Opioid Settlememt Agreements; utilizing abatement council and allocation of drug store settlement monies – 2 different agreements. 

• April 30th deadline for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) fund report. 

• Auditor preparing for changing computer systems (UNIS), going live 1-2024. 

• Review of Public Health District process for reporting payments to BOCC. 

Public Works: 

• Vouchers completed for the Green Waste Day thru the Conservation District, 

• Removing some roas restrictions. • Admin support position a little closer – OCOG insurance approved. • Request from Okanogan School Maintenance regarding use of county road during school construction project – More information is needed, will meet with BOCC for decision. 

• Adjourned at 12:00.

03.13.23 Mon AM BOCC



 County employees will undergo training for emergency situations such as an active shooter or a narcotics overdose. 

 Commissioners hear an update from county lobbyist about the current legislative session in Olympia.  Pete Palmer, Director of Planning, met via zoom with Sandra Floyd of the Washington Dept. of Ecology. Floyd toured the county last fall and is now requesting that the county audit a number of the county’s Floodplain Development Permits (FDPs) issued since 2018 and has also suggested changes to the county’s FDP code. Palmer told Floyd that the audits wouldn’t begin until at least November and that they would be driven by a directive from the Commissioners. 

 Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager and the Commissioners discuss potential sources of funding for the horse barns. They also discuss a potential gun show at the Annex in August. 

 Commissioners adjourn at 10:36 for the day.

03.07.23 Tues PM - BOCC



  • Planning for walk through & interview with potential contractors of Juvenile Justice Building Wednesday 3/8/2023. Clarifying Chairman signature for the “across the river” project for Coroner's Office. 

  • Metal Detection system to be installed in the courthouse – preliminary safety measures especially for election security, and movement of the Licensing office to a different room (102)- funding is available, Security guards working well, 277 Employees completed Sexual Harassment training in person – the rest to do online. 

  • HR advertising for Public Records Coordinator – onboarding process/session for public records platform next week, HR provided certification waiver for one employee based on proficiency, HR considering having Narcan available at courthouse – working with Health Dept. HR/Risk Manager completed all certifications, 2 bids received for Spokane Grade Overlay project, 

  • Solid Waste: upcoming legislation requiring recycle/compost. Manager suggests proactive approach. Landfill working with Conservation District for a “green” day, reduction of organics by 2030,  Also reported: April 18th, WalMart will not be providing shopping bags. Explains reduce vs recycle. 

  • Public Works: Maintenance and Road conditions, Contractors beginning on Tonasket Shop. Need to be looking for property to make another pit. Current Public Works projects. 

  • Adjourn 11:59

03.07.23 Tues AM-BOCC



  • HR Summary: Planning for walk through & interview with potential contractors of Juvenile Justice Building tomorrow Wednesday 3/8/2023. Clarifying Chairman signature for the “across the river” project for Coroners Office. Metal Detection system to be installed in the courthouse – preliminary safety measures especially for election security, and movement of the Licensing office to a different room(102)- funding is available, Security guards working well, 277 Employees completed Sexual Harrassment training in person – the rest to do online. HR advertising for Public Records Coordinator – onboarding process/session for public records platform next week, HR provided certification waiver for one employee based on proficiency, HR considering having Narcan available at courthouse – working with Health Dept. HR/Risk Manager completed all certifications, 2 bids received for Spokane Grade Overlay project, 

  • Solid Waste update: upcoming legislation requiring recycle/compost. Manager suggests proactive approach. Landfill working with Conservation District for a “green” day, reduction of organics by 2030, Also reported: April 18th, WalMart will not be providing shopping bags. Explains reduce vs recycle. 

  • Maintenance and Road conditions, Contractors beginning on Tonasket Shop. Need to be looking for property to make another pit. Current Public Works projects. 

  • Adjourn 11:59

03.06.23 Mon AM - BOCC



  • Isabelle Spohn makes a comment, asking the Commissioners to discuss exit routes if fire has blocked the three paved routes out of the valley. Commissioners discuss pros and cons of alternate routes.

  • To prepare for the upcoming discussion with the North Central ATV Club’s request to make certain county roads legal for WATV travel, the Commissioners discuss whether SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) would apply if they decide to make the changes.

  • Susan Speiker, Clerk of the Courts, updates the Commissioners on the courts. Their remodel is almost complete and staff is able to work more efficiently. She’s arranged exchanges with the staff in the Support Center that handles domestic violence cases. If the court staff and the Center’s staff learn who does what in the other office, it makes both offices more efficient.

  • Spencer King of the North Central ATV Club discusses changes in several county roads that would open up those roads to Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles, so WATV riders could have easier access to the many unpaved roads in the valley. Changes could include lowering the speed limit to 35 mph or establishing duel-posted roads (with one speed limit for cars and a lower one for WATVs).

  • Meeting adjourned for the day at 12:07

02.28.23 AM - BOCC



  • Board reduces Fairgrounds rental cost for school-related functions,

  • BOCC to send letter of support for WDFW penipen(?) removal (Salmon predators), concern of putting PNW Grey Squirrel on Endangered Species list.

  • Assessor: all levies rates went down because of increased overall value, market seems healthy but sales have slowed down, hired new Appraiser I, about 5,000 Seniors are in reduced/no tax program due to income, taxpayers have 30 days from change of value notice to appeal.

  • Putting together 'policies & procedures' form for new Fair Advisory members.

  • Public Works: Solid waste Manager testifying on 'bottle bill” in Olympia, also working with Civil Deputy to draw up agreement for Omak business to take waste elsewhere, considering maintaining Newby Creek Road, ER&R rates have increased, 2 options for WDFW purchase; option to purchase or just compensation – will be on the consent agenda next week. Also another 4 acres of waterfront to sell to WDFW.

  • LTAC appointee needs to be Okanogan County resident – definition of Resident? Bilingual pay being extended to non-bargaining positions and Teamsters represented employees.

  • Discussion of Public Information Request regarding the Tunk Basin, investigation into Commissioner

  • Adjourn at 12:44. No afternoon meeting or Wednesday meeting.

02.27.23 AM - BOCC



  • A public comment from Isabelle Spohn, regarding the need for an updated Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan regarding wildfires, ingress and egress and escape routes with up-to-date signage for dead-end and closed roads, sparks a discussion by the Commissioners. They agree that an up-to-date plan is important and discuss problems of achieving that. Maurice Goodall (MG) of Emergency Management talks about this topic later in the meeting, and the Commissioners plan to discuss it with Josh Thomson, the County Roads Engineer tomorrow when he appears before them.

  • Zak Kennedy updates the Commissioners about the state legislature’s current session in Olympia.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, and the Commissioners discuss funding sources for new rabbit cages and barns for both racehorses and 4-H horses. The rabbit cages and some of the horse barn project will have to wait until next year.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, tells the commissioners that Isabelle Spohn continues to disagree with Pete’s assertion that the Tunk Rezone Hearing was properly advertised. She also says several members of the Farm Bureau have requested public records associated with the Tunk rezone.

  • Maurice Goodall and the Commissioners discuss roads during fires. Commissioner Branch says the BOCC should pay attention to the NEPA and SEPA documents and make comments about roads going through forests. MG says the county maintains a list of people with Special Needs who are notified in emergencies. County residents can call Emergency Management to discuss being included in the list.

  • Commissioner Neal says that the Priest Lake, ID, Sheriff’s Office is offering hiring bonuses of $10,000 for new hires and $25,000 for lateral transfers. He knows this because he saw an advertisement of TV for the bonuses.

  • Commissioners review the amount of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds they’ve allocated to date. They’ve allocated $7,100,000 of the $8,200,000 the county was awarded.

  • Commissioner Branch urges the other commissioners to sign a letter to Senator Murray, requesting money for a feasibility study for a multi-county treatment evaluation center designed to keep people out of jail if a jail term isn’t what would help the situation. He’ll also solicit support from David McClay, CEO of Okanogan Behavioral Health Care and Sheriff Budrow.

  • Commissioners have two Executive Sessions.To discuss litigation and potential litigation, inviting Esther Milner, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor, Pete Palmer, Director of Planning, and Rocky Robbins, Planning, and
    To discuss potential litigation, inviting Esther Milner and Shelley Keitzman, Human Resources and Risk Management.

  • Commissioners and Esther Milner discuss proposed changes to the county code.

02.21.23 AM - BOCC



  • 2 vacancies on Fair Board Advisory group – need to advertise the positions and advertise for RFP's for livestock market sale at the fair.

  • Central Services: need for generator in case of outages, Emergency Management considerations, and website changes.

  • Finance: current cash on hand and money market interest rates increase to 4%, expenditure and revenue reports, structure for accepting Opioid Settlement monies - $48,000, handling of cash/credit cards. some agreements with Public Health and Community Action regarding ARPA monies, Bid openings for Soil Stabilizer and Asphalt.

  • Solid Waste update – request from Town of Twisp for possible trail by Methow Recycling for pedestrians and children to access ballfields & possible hazards associated with.

  • Public Works update on roads and maintenance – road restrictions – ongoing evaluation.

  • Adjourned at 12:00 until 1:30 PM.

02.21.23 PM - BOCC



  • Justice Center utilities design contract awarded to Courtner Architects who will be interviewed along with two other firms for general design contract; Juvenile project evoked.

  • Conservation District gets $39,710 in County funding after a year without funding.

  • BOCC passes Resolutions, 25-2023 and 26-2023.

  • Public records software contract with Next Request to save “weeks of time”, cost $10,788 a year; advertising for Records Officer to start; Over 227 employees to take harassment training.

  • Commissioner Neil reports to Branch on mileage tax, jaywalking and right turn legislations presented by lobbyists; thinks proposals go too far.

  • Purchase of Fairgrounds bathroom partitions to cost $25,000, Hamilton Youth Foundation pledges to cover $15,000; demolition of horse barn urgent, safety issue, grant possibilities discussed.

  • Resolutions passed to distribute ARPA funds to Community Action ($50,000 for 17 months warehouse rental) and Public Health ($1M over four years)

  • Commissioners and Deputy Civil Prosecutor speculate over opiate settlement distribution process, await clarification.

02.14.23 - BOH




  • New ARPA funds allocated, $500,000 over four years, budget healthy

  • Nepotism concern: Environmental Health Supervisor replacement can’t be overseeing family member, resolution debated; Organizational chart to be studied, single administrator should
    replace administrative team.

  • Requests for variances to go through Health Officer, appeals through Hearings Examiner.

  • Health Officer Wallace signals growing opioid crisis, affecting schools and rivaling those in larger counties, in spite of strong support programs: peer counselors, food and transportation aid...; behavioral health fragilized by decrease in psychiatric care providers; shortage of care providers and hospital beds persists.

  • BOH requests blood and urine testing machine to help Coroner determine cause of death; $61,000 “investigative tool” can be shared with law enforcement to avoid long delays from outsourcing; wastewater testing for Covid continues in Brewster, could be widened to include
    drug detecting.

  • Septic system application process simplified

  • Health Board retreat scheduled for March.

02.14.23 AM - BOCC



  • Discussion with Court staff regarding upcoming renovations and new detention center, watching significant bills in the legislature, financial planning.

  • Public Comment: Paul Sisson thanks BOCC for work on Tunk Re-Zone, Dave Mullens comments regarding EMS/ambulance service in the north county.

  • Public Hearing on proposed public record request fees – a lot of discussion regarding getting information to public when a legal notice/hearing is required. Looking forward to a public records officer/position.

  • Getting organized for opioid settlement monies process.

  • Auditor discusses need for bullet proof safety glass in office and need for overflow room during elections – reports that there are 4,000 new registered voters since her election,  Approved hiring of 2 security officers from Pacific Security.

  • Public Works update: road restriction exemption from midnight to 9am should help keep calls down as it is still freezing at night, BOCC agrees to maintain Libby Creek Road (a Forest Service Road) extending to the Sky Ranch turn-off,

  • Will be advertising for open position in the Commissioner’s Office.

  • Adjourn at 11:45, Public Health Meeting at 1:30 PM

02.14.23 PM - BOCC



  • Process advances for hiring Public Records Officer

  • Maintenance Supervisor gets rental agreement renewal for July-October cooling system, passes on recommendation that county buy $250,000 plate heat exchanger–untreated well water bad for jail’s heat pumps.

  • Renewal of agreement for automation system–adjusts energy use and detects if well pump not working–$11,800/year for five years.

  • Instead of seasonal full-time recruit, year-round post, flexible, for 20 plus hours/week?

02.13.23 AM - BOCC



  • Risk Manager report- jail personnel, courthouse security, settlement with jail inmate

  • Brief discussion about funding for Twisp well

  • Funding for Oroville EMS

  • Lobbyist report – jaywalking bills and how they are an attack on pickup trucks, improved riparian bill

  • Review of RFQs for work on new judicial center

  • Discussion of potential grants for Fire Districts, pros and cons of annexation

02.07.23 PM - BOCC



  • HR provides job description for $64,000/year Public Records Officer,is reviewing related records-retrieving servers; meeting next day with Pacific Security, court personnel and sheriff to discuss courthouse security.

  • Hover suggests changes to official meeting minutes regarding comments about battery recycling increasing their carbon footprint, and about Conconully’s funding request being prioritized over that of the County’s 911 Communications system.

  • Fish and Wildlife boat launch projects approved for Patterson, Sidley and Spectacle lakes, Patterson users wary, explanatory meetings have reassured some; high water mark and ownership of Sidley Lake bottom discussed; Hover evokes river access by bridge north of Brewster for WDFW project.

  • Moldy court cases files, victims of ice dam leakage in Courthouse attic, provoke sickness among several of clerk’s staff, will be treated externally for $6,251; keeping records for eternity has a cost: $10,000 to put 100 years of archives onto microfiche.

  • County not interested in inheriting steep river property by Chopaka, recommends adjoining owner, DNR, for acquisition

02.07.23 AM - BOCC



  • Public Comment: Emily Sisson had listened to yesterday's discussion regarding using an outside vendor–Pacific Security with grant money. She cautioned about using an armed security guard unless he/she is well trained.

  • RFQs received for Architect/Engineering services for the Justice Building. Will go over quotes next week. City of Twisp will be meeting with BOCC regarding their use of allocated ARPA funds for water system.

  • Updates from Chief Communication Officer/Dispatch; 9 of 13 positions filled, Radio project in the works, he will come back to BOCC with estimate for getting all Fire Districts in county up to date with the radio system, also reported on the 911 dispatch center coordination with other counties; Skagit, Skamania, Lincoln, San Juan County.

  • Update from Public Works.

02.06.23 AM - BOCC



  • Seven commenters tell the BOCC they are extremely unhappy with the Tunk Valley re-zone decision which establishes 160 acre lots. They feel they weren’t properly notified about the Planning Commission meeting that recommended the change. They said there should have been notification posted on the road entering the area and sent letters and phone calls notifying nearby property owners in addition to the legal notice in the newspaper. They also feel the change from 5 acre lots to minimum 160 acre lots robs them of the value of their land.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager tells the BOCC that the recent improvements at the Annex have turned the venue into a professional meeting area. She also describes the planned upgrades to the electrical connections at the arena.

  • Pete Palmer, Director of Planning assures the BOCC that the Planning Department met all notice requirements under the law for changes that will affect many property owners instead of just a few.

  • BOCC discusses budgets for the Oroville EMS District, Tonasket EMS District and the Methow Valley EMS District.

  • Shelley Keitzman updates the BOCC about the possibility of hiring security guards for the Court House. BOCC tells her to move forward in hiring two unarmed guards from Pacific Security at a total of $104,000 per year.

01.31.23 AM - BOCC



  • Creating the RFQ's for Architectural Services,

  • Public Comment; concern and praise, from north end residents, for the Oroville Road Crew staff regarding difficulty of maintaining roads during this early, significant winter weather. Advertising for open positions on the Planning Commission Board – letters of interest due February 17th.

  • Sending letter of support for Match programs for upgrading Courthouse Security,

  • Discussion of moving surplus vehicles around to other county offices, such as the fairgrounds,

  • Executive Session: HR, Civil Deputy, Sheriff for ongoing litigation.

  • Bid Opening for 2023 County Wide Guardrail Safety Project,

  • Solid Waste: Manager regarding current legislative bills in the State Legislature that could affect how County takes care of waste and recycling.

  • Roads: County Engineer to send CRAB report with numbers from County Assessor.

  • Executive Session: to discuss the Hunter Mountain sale decision.

01.31.23 PM - BOCC



  • Discussion on funding for the Oroville Senior Center, AH suggests letting Aging and Adult Care request part of county transportation and nutrition agency allocation for this rather than see if Center qualifies for emergency federal funds.

  • Agreement to spend $46,000 for Fairgrounds RVpark bathroom partitions.

  • At Department Heads Quarterly Meeting: - Public Works looking forward to construction a new cell at the landfill and two new workshops across the river - Planning reports big zone code revision including cannabis operations, Shorelines review - Tax statements out by February 15th - Meeting to be held on Courthouse security - Sheriff implementing new policies to improve jail security, hints at an overhaul, patrol officer candidates in short supply, courthouse outfitted with security cameras, AH says funding for Dispatch must wait because Conconully needs it more - Noxious Weeds reaching out to users to attend town hall meetings - WSU extension reports Master Gardner Program success, need for 4H leaders - Architect of master plan retiring but will still supervise shop projects

  • Discussion on possibility of hiring County Administrator to help manage projects, billing and legislative agenda, act as liaison between BOCC and departments and ensure continuity as board changes.

01.30.23 AM - BOCC



  • Commissioners discuss aquatic projects in Forest Service cuts. Commissioner Branch points out that the best time to have such projects included is during scoping.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, update the commissioners. They discuss moving ahead with the race horse barns project, the newly installed floor of the Annex and how to develop plans for dealing with buildings damaged by the winter weather. The bathroom in the RV park has been demolished and rebuilding will start soon.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, says the “Tunk thing” is now off her desk (referring to last Tuesday’s public meeting about the Tunk Valley rezone), and the office is now dealing with lots of public information requests for documents between the Planning Department, the BOCC and the Planning Commission.

  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management, tells the commissioners that the snow pack in approximately 100% of normal for this time of year and that the prospect for flooding is the spring is small.

  • Commissioner Hover tells the other commissioners about a recent conversation with the Mayor of Conconully. The town is trying to build a new fire station/community center paid for with two grants and $400,000 in bonds. After they received the bids, they realized they’d be $2,000,000 short. The mayor was asking Commissioner Hover for help in obtaining money from the state legislature. The commissioners discuss the situation. Commissioner Hover says he personally might support using some the $3,000,000 the county is hoping to receive to buy new radios needed for emergency communication.

01.24.23 AM - BOCC



  • No Public Comment.

  • Discussion with Lifeline staff regarding Emergency (Ambulance) Management Services (EMS) Districts challenges in Tonasket/Oroville and how to remedy.

  • Possibility of contracting Public Records Request due to volume of workload HR to schedule presentation with a vendor, also approval to sexual harassment training scheduled, discussion of Court Security with emphasis on immediate situation and overview, will meet with dept. heads.

  • Public Works update with County Engineer: SnowParks Trail Grooming Staff Payment and Training, Proposed Hunter Mountain WDFW purchase, proposed discussion Omak School
    District, Sand Flats, intersection; meeting in Mazama regarding parking and snowstorm maintenance.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:48 AM

01.24.23 PM - BOCC



  • Planning Commission’s recommendation for Upper and Lower Tunk Basin and Tamarack Springs zoning code amendment (County Ordinance 2023-1) adopted by BOCC. 160-acre designation created, status of Cannabis operations, fruit, vegetable and dairy stands, gravel pits and quarries change from permitted use to conditional use; at Commissioner Branch’s recommendation road maintenance issue and comp plan’s mention of basins’ rural character added to amendment. The BOCC to work with Department of Ecology on closing the basin, will investigate water storage systems for existent lots.

  • As part of her review of county code attorney Esther Milner from Prosecutor’s Office points to benefits of hiring a Public Records Officer, BOCC to research cost of staffing this position; recommends adopting a revised fee schedule to charge more for copies of electronic documents.

  • American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds approved for Fire District 6’s station project and Economic Alliance.

  • Meeting adjourned 3:10pm

01.23.23 - BOCC



  • Commissioners discuss uses for the opioid settlement money.

  • Commissioners hear an update from Olympia by Zak Kennedy, the county’s lobbyist. He says 40% of the legislators and their aides have never worked in an in-person legislative session before and don’tknow how to talk to each other.

  • Commissioners hear an update from Pete Palmer, Director of Planning. Discussion of how to dealwith two members of the Planning Commission whose terms will soon expire. Also, the Mazama Subarea requested $25,000 to hire a consultant to help write the Subarea Plan. The Commissioners will decide about this request after the Comprehensive Plan has passed its legal challenges.

  • Commissioners and Ester Milner, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor continue to discuss updating the County Code. They discuss Chapter Two in detail.

  • Adjourn at noon until 9:00 Tuesday.

01.17.23 AM - BOCC



  • Discussion of WDFW Proposal for upgrades at Patterson Lake public access site utilizing RCO grant.  AH supports 8mph speed limit.

  • Signing fair entertainment agreement today,

  • Considering Oroville Senior Center funding/help.

  • Public Comment re: problems with legal notices for Tunk Zoning

  • Approval of EMS district budgets for 2023.

  • Finance Committee Meeting: best practices for keeping track of finances and interest received on investments and bonding interest cost. Tax statements are expected to be out in the middle of February,

  • Public Works update by County Engineer.

  • 11:31 Recess until 1:30.

01.17.23 PM - BOCC



  • Mazama Advisory Committee applying for trail-building grant to separate pedestrian and road traffic

  • Fairgrounds to have new floors in Agriplex Annex, new bathroom partitions

  • Building numbers up, revenues slightly down, new trainee sought for March,

  • Noxious Weeds Board to consider removing Scotch Thistle from list as solution to lack of commercial applicators available; spring training to be held at Omak Theater, Town Hall meetings with landowners starting in February.

  • Behavioral Health, Prosecutor’s office and Sheriff debate next step to take toward signing agreement to distribute Opioid settlement funds; county representative(s) to participate in regional council; $48,000 available annually for 15 years to aid Okanogan County treatment programs

  • Assessor’s office updated its vehicle fleet with 2021, 2022 model trucks; is ordering new one for 2023.

01.10.23 - BOH



  • Election of Chair and Vice Chair for new year – 2023,

  • Public Comment period: Mike (never caught last name with OCP by name) brought up a proposal regarding when it is determined that people need to be isolated or quarantined, (due to health concerns) that the Sheriff needs to be consulted for Constitutionality as he is the Constitutional authority.

  • Financial Report,

  • Update from Health Officer: Respiratory illness, Covid, and Influenza peaked in early December – we were hit harder earlier, numbers are going down and less hospitalizations, Also discussed Opioid overdoses reported in the County – averages 2 per week. Lots of collaboration between agencies, $48,000 per year for 15 years are allocated to Okanogan County to help with Opioid OD problem.

  • Discussion from Environmental Health Officer regarding role of water adequacy vs water quality. Health Dept's role in water adequacy/water quality to be discussed more in depth in a future meeting.

  • Executive Session regarding possible litigation.

  • Adjourned 3:00

01.10.23 AM - BOCC



  • Commissioners Neal and Branch chat about Neal chairing Okanogan Council of Governments, failed and un-permitted septic systems, flooding and Canada’s snowpack

  • Public Hearing on Tunk/Tamarack Springs subdivision moratorium -  approved for 60 day extension.

  • Planning Director to recommend new county zoning designation (R160) for minimum lot size of 160 Acres in County Zoning Code, along with the addition of permitted uses for this category on District Use Chart.

  • January 23rd public hearing before Planning Commission on County Zone Code change (above) and Tunk Valley/Tamarack Springs change to R160.

  • Short discussion on ATV/ORV rule inconsistencies

  • Alta Vista Irrigation District prepares to close.

  • Auditor to coordinate voting in jails, new accounting system being prepped, federal laws if passed would complicate voter registration and expense reporting.

  • Cash Road being cleaned up after landslides in burn area.

  • Commissioners Hover and Branch discuss criteria for choosing advisory group members for Methow sub-area B.

  • Commissioners convene in afternoon to approve Northwest Forest Plan Advisory Committee and letter supporting committee candidate Michael Anderson

01.09.23 - BOCC



  • Commissioner Branch discusses the Forest Health Collaborative’s approval of the Forest Service’s proposal for the Twisp Project. He’d like to sign an amicus brief written by the American Forest Research Council opposing a challenge to the Twisp Project filed by the North Cascades Conservation Council. The commissioners will discuss the amicus in an executive session with Ester Milner, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor and an official from Chelan County as soon as the meeting can be arranged.

  • Isabelle Spohn, of County Watch, makes a public comment, asking the commissioners make sure that legal notices are accurate. She cites examples of notices being inaccurate and problems the inaccuracy may have caused.

  • Zak Kennedy, lobbyist for Okanogan County, updates the Commissioners about the opening of the legislative session. He notes that many of the bills that have been refiled include the compromises worked out in the last session.

  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management, updates the Commissioners about the recent ammonia leak in Brewster.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, updates the Commissioners about her goals for 2023. She’s also created a list of upgrades for the facilities. Commissioner Branch asks her to rate the upgrades with safety concerns as the highest priority and note which year she hopes to complete the upgrade, so that the county would have a capital facilities plan with dates.

  • Recess at 11:50.

01.03.23 - BOCC



• Chris Branch elected Chair, and Andy Hover elected Vice Chair. This was Commissioner Jon Neal's first meeting. The Board discussed the many boards and duties they take part in, outside BOCC meetings.

• Update from County Clerk; security issues are top concern big problem.

• Director from Community Action Council to modify use of ARPA funds from $200,000 allotment for food to; $135,000 for food, $50,000 warehouse ren tal to store food, and $15,000 for 'discretionary' emergency sheltering needs.

• Update from Solid Waste and County Engineer.

• Meeting adjourned 11:25

12.20.22 AM - BOCC



  • Public Comment: clarification of Tunk Basin rezone procedure - currently sent back to Planning who will convene a public hearing on January 23rd, BOCC has extended the moratorium, setting the timeline forward.  February 6th discussion will be with the BOCC.

  • Short discussion regarding ARPA monies ($750,000) earmarked for broadband to cover entire County – PUD and OCEC (Former REA – Ok County Electrification Cooperative) to share these dollars.

  • Approval of voucher to pay for non-punitive damages – written up by HR and Civil Deputy.

  • AH being recommended for Forest Plan Advisory Board/Group.

  • Bid Opening for Central Landfill Phase 4 Development.

  • Payroll vouchers approved along with Emergency Management Services Districts.

  • Adjourn 11:28

12.20.22 PM - BOCC



  • Clerk Lanie Johns begins discussion over amendment to increase ARPA fund allocation to Community Action Council in view of food shortage

  • Signatures for WSU Extension budget appendix directing part of $49,951 towards 4H/Master Gardener post

  • Pete Palmer to handle permit application for Coroner’s/Sheriff’s building across the river

  • Food for Community Action pantries to run out after Christmas – provider Second Harvest discontinuing due to diesel shortage and needs in Yakima Valley; finalizing of  amendment to increasing  original ARPA funding of $250,000 by up to $200,000

  • Housing Coalition and Community Action qualify for homeless aid tied to extreme weather

  • Request for quote on Public Works building (for new court complex) and Sheriff’s building ready for publication; combined cost of $7.5M covered by bond

  • Meeting adjourned at 2:42 until Tuesday morning at 8:15

12.19.22 - BOCC



  • Commissioners discuss Second Harvest’s unexpected cut in assistance for food pantries in eastern Washington. They plan to use $200,000 in ARPA funds to help Okanogan County pantries. They hope to have the paperwork ready by tomorrow.

  • Commissioners vote for Lisa Janicki for the Department of Natural Resources’ Board of Natural Resources. They also discuss good forest management and climate change.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, updates the commissioners about the new floor planned for the Annex, the well and the new stalls for the racehorse barn.

  • Commissioners do Department Head performance evaluations for: 

  • Shelley Keitzman, Human Resources and Risk Management
    Karen Beatty, Central Services
    Pete Palmer, Planning Department
    Dan Higgins, Building Department
    Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager.

  • Adjourn at 3:16.

12.13.22 - BOH



  • Due to staffing problems at large institutions, problems transferring patients out. First flu death, 62 positive cases out of 139 tested. 131 Tonasket students affected.

  •  Osoyoos homeowner agrees to decommission illegal cesspool; funds needed to encourage connection to municipal sewer system.

  • Applications received for Environmental Health Officer

  • Confusion over septic permit application form being remedied

  • Malott’s sewer system “a train wreck”.

  • Strategies for addressing code infractions: round table discussion with Sheriff’s office, Planning, Building and Public Health, possible hiring of wastewater treatment manager: “badge back-up” needed.

  • After introductions the board goes into a half-hour executive session with Jeffrey Meyers and Chuck Zimmerman to discuss the performance of a public employee.

12.13.22 PM - BOCC



• “Scammer” called into November 28th Zoom meeting with “inappropriate” (pornographic) content; removal of portion from video recording explained in an amendment to proceedings.

• Housing Authority contracts approved with Community Action, Room One, Support Center, Behavioral Health, Homeless Shelters and FYRE.

• Housing board appointment letters approved

• Resolutions passed for CDBG requests, amended Public Works salary schedule for temporary workers, bridge load restrictions on the Similkameen and a comment letter regarding grizzlies in the Cascades.

12.13.22 AM - BOCC



  • Public Comment: Thanks to BOCC for authorizing ARPA funds for Fire District 6 building request.

  • Tunk Valley: Confusion on dates of meetings/hearings on Tunk Valley Moratorium and Tunk Zoning discussed, with Cmr.Hover leaving to clarify with Director Palmer.   Cmr. Hover returns, giving no answer.

  • Support for re-introduction of grizzly bears utilizing Stillwater Technical Solutions research- Board to formulate response.

  • Auditor reports Wa State Secretary of State office releases funds to help counties with Election Cyber-Security & physical security - $80,000, Auditor and Deputy Auditor will come up with a plan. Auditor also discusses 3 quotes received for Voters Pamphlet and their recommendation – Consolidated Press in Seattle.

  • Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Deputy, and HR discuss reclassification of office position due to duties required – and changing the job title to Family Support Officer.

  • Auditor and HR putting together a plan to change non-exempt employees to hourly status to conform to state rules regarding L&I, giving plenty of notice to employees.

  • Public Works: Bid openings for new public works shops in Twisp & Tonasket and motor fuel. Road Update –catching up after last snowfall. Also reports weight restriction for F2 bridge and 2023 temporary wage positions agreement.

  • 2023 Budget has been adopted.

  • Meeting recessed at 11:38.

12.12.22 PM - BOCC



  • Report from Matt Marsh, Tonasket Ranger District

  • County Judge and Coroner say goodbye to Comm. DeTro

  • Comm. DeTro praises Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz

  • Discussion on request from Farm Bureau to sign their letter regarding Grizzly Bears

  • BOCC goes into Exec Session with Planning Dept regarding potential litigation

12.12.22 AM - BOCC



  • Commissioners discuss rules for use of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds with respect to Fire District 6’s request for money to cover cost overruns during construction of the new Fire Station.

  • CB discusses the Forest Service’s announcement asking people to apply for the advisory committee for the Forest Plan. Also discussion of the Forest Collaborative.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, says there are now enough applicants to create an advisory committee for Subarea B in the Methow. She also reports that it was probably a clerical mistake that caused Dave Schulz’s name to be left off of the email list for the Planning Commission.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager says there is water damage in the Agriplex due to an ice dam on the roof.

  • Commissioners return to the topic of ARPA funding rules. They list the funding requests they’ve allocated or spent and decide to fund FD6’s request.

  • Commissioners resume the public hearing for the 2023 county budget. A few errors are corrected, and a motion is approved to adopt the budget.

  • Commissioners approve a budget revision for the Okanogan Conservation Board.

  • Recess for lunch at 11:30.

12.6.22 PM - BOCC




  1. Report from Planning Director Palmer on Planning Commission discussions: in light of water scarcity, rezoning in Tunk Basin to limit subdivisions to 100, 160-acre parcel, eliminate subdivision altogether, or zone as R-20. Additional PC meeting on Monday, December 19th, 2022; public hearing on Monday, January 23rd, 2023.

  2. Error in date of Moratorium expiration made during PC meeting, affecting PC decision.

  3. Branch says rezoning must take roads situation as well as water into account; sees need to clarify code as pertains to exempt wells rule.  Hover says Hearst decision halting subdivisions in Methow should apply to Tunk, and to address water unavailability at the onset of large lot segregation.

  4. Branch says Fairgrounds Director deserves reprimand for spending without authorization in light of past losses of equipment.

  5. Detro giving away his desk, books and papers. Branch has dibs on his office.

  • Report from Planning Director Palmer on Planning Commission discussions: in light of water scarcity, rezoning in Tunk Basin to limit subdivisions to 100 or 160-acre parcels, eliminate subdivision altogether, or zone as R-20. Additional PC meeting on December 16th, public hearing on January 23rd.

  • Branch says rezoning must take roads situation as well as water into account; sees need to clarify code as pertains to exempt wells rule. Hover says Hearst decision halting subdivisions in Methow should apply to Tunk, and to address water unavailability at the onset of large lot segregation.

  • Branch says Fairgrounds Director deserves reprimand for spending without authorization in light of past losses of equipment.

  • Detro giving away his desk, books and papers. Branch has dibs on his office.

12.6.22 AM - BOCC



  • Questions/Discussion of justification for using ARPA funds for Fire District #6 building project – BOCC awaiting answer from the State Auditor – expecting response by Monday or Tuesday next week.

  • Public Hearing on Lake Management District 1 Certifying the Rolls for tax assessment (around Lake Osooyoos)

  • Approved, Update from Dispatch/Communication Officer – getting applicants through training process takes 4-6 months, 9 of 13 positions filled, have communicated with different agencies regarding the new radio project, response from Lifeline.

  • Questions regarding progress on storage/morgue building.

  • Public Works reports on maintenance and road conditions also filled Capital Project Management Position in- house. Interlocal agreement on Cameron Lake Road project.

  • Recessed 11:13

12.5.22 - BOCC



  • Commissioners read several emails they received this morning and over the weekend concerning the proposed ARPA funds to cover cost overruns in construction of the new Fire Station in FD6. Emily Sisson, Fire District 6 Commissioner Miles Milliken and Paul Sisson make comments during the public comment period. Commissioner Hover says he’s waiting for the State Auditor’s approval of the expenditure.

  • Pete Palmer, Director of Planning, updates the Commissioners a meeting with a consultant and the Yakama Nation about the zone code update.

  • Cari Hall, County Auditor, and Commissioners hold a public hearing about the proposed 2023 budget. After correcting several items, they continue the hearing until next Monday, when they’ll hear public comments. They hope to pass the budget either Monday or Tuesday of next week.

  • Meeting adjourns at 2:55.




See file

11.29.22 AM - BOCC



  • Budget work (2023) with Treasurer and Auditor

  • Planning for adding a Chief Deputy Coroner position, along with car.

  • Public Works/Solid Waste updates; new law regarding composting, bids are out for 2 shops.

  • Adjourn 11:45​

11.29.22 PM - BOCC



  • Economic Alliance members debate going from redistributing rural development funds among the county, city, and “emerging opportunity” projects “40-40-20”, to supporting large-scale, well-planned building projects to be “spread around the county”; people need to know the loans and grants available to them; bonding, policing, mental health, and housing discussed.

  • District Court will not replace 2nd probation officer in 2023 in order to cut costs. Therapeutic court probably eligible for opioid settlement money.

  • Tunk Moratorium extended for 60 days

  • Resolutions passed concerning salaries, overtime, minimum wage

  • A-19 voucher distribution for Fire District #6’s hydrant project approved. Fire District 6's request for ARPA funds to cover cost overrun for new Fire Station will be discussed Monday, December 5.

  • Difference of opinion on whether a department head should notify when buying small equipment.

11.28.22 AM - BOCC



  • Pete Palmer, Director of Planning and the Commissioners discuss the upcoming meeting of the Planning Commission (PC). They also discuss their options if the PC makes a recommendation about the rezoning of the Tunk Basin that the BOCC disagrees with.

  • Karen Beatty, Director of Central Services updates the Commissioners on two cybersecurity tools used by the county—the Albert Sensor and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency). Commissioner Hover had received an email from a constituent concerned about the cost and safety of these.

  • The Commissioners and members of the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) learn about Tread Map, an app designed to inform users about outdoor recreation in Washington.

11.28.22 PM - BOCC



• Year-end report of OCTC. Increase in Lodging tax revenues due to more payments from short term rentals, discussion about how to increase tourism in Okanogan County. 

• Review Prosecuting Attorney budget 

• Noxious Weed board budget review, BOCC approves increase for noxious weed tax assessment. 

• BOCC discusses possibility of hiring an administrator to handle day to day management of county business.

11.22.22 AM - BOCC



  • Discussion of County property; Highland Drive duplexes.

  • Executive Session under 42.30, 110,l (I)

  • Prosecutors Office staff and HR discuss exempt leave accrued but unable to utilize before the end of the year due to trial schedule.

  • Presentation by the Okanogan Co Housing Coalition with funding request for $382,771- representatives from Ok Co Community Action, Support Center, Ok Co Housing Authority, Foundation for Youth Resilience & Engagement (FYRE), Ok Co Homeless Shelter, Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare (OBHC), and Room One.

  • Bid Opening for Ellisforde Landfill Wells & Gas Probe Decommissioning – 2 bids.

  • Public Works update on current and upcoming projects. Recess at 11:35.

11.22.22 PM - BOCC



·Behavioral Health reports filling two posts, six remain vacant; seeing clients more quickly, prepping to hire interns, success of mobile crisis unit intervention

·Agreement that County and Behavioral Health develop concerted plan for spending opioid settlement once it is paid out, attention given to law enforcement regarding illegal drug production and trade, people’s need for pain management

·Contingency money available for three funds, alcohol, developmental disability and mental health, according to biggest need

·Approval of seven motions including lodging tax funds for County Tourism Council ($300,000) and Methow Arts Alliance, radio communications fund request from state, insurance premium increases.

. Executive Session with Planning Dept.

11.21.22 AM - BOCC



  • Commissioners Hover and Branch discuss the reintroduction of grizzly bears into the North Cascades. Commissioner Hover wonders if there are enough large game animals for the bears to survive.

  • Shelley Keitzman, HR and Risk Management, updates the commissioners on the premium hikes for medical and dental insurance beginning in 2023. The county will pay the increases itself.

  • SK also discusses the changes in the threshold salary for exempt workers. Commissioner Hover would like to reclassify all the exempt employees into hourly employees and gather data on how much overtime they are working. Then they will able to see how increases in the threshold in the future will affect the county’s payroll budget.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director and Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager give brief updates.

  • Tim McNamee and Tim Love of the DNR update the commissioners about last summer’s fires. The county had 56 fires that burned only 386 acres.

  • Commissioners recess at 11:00 because Commissioner Hover has to attend the Canvas Board meeting. He asks Commissioner Branch to attend a virtual meeting with the FBI at 12:00, arranged by the Washington State Association of Counties. The open meeting was cancelled and instead, due to its sensitive nature, only county commission and town council chairs or their designates are to attend.

11.15.22. AM - BOCC



  • Granting of Title 3 Funds for 2023 to Ok County Conservation District and Search & Rescue.

  • Finance Committee Meeting working on 2023 budget.

  • Bid Opening for Chip Spreader for Public Works – 1 bid $481,622.

  • Recess at 11:09 until 1:30 afternoon session

11.15.22 PM - BOCC



· Inflation shows its face in the form of big increases in employee dental and health insurance premiums and salary hikes; possible savings on rates by consulting with unions, on salaries by switching some positions from overtime exempt to non-exempt.

· Public Hearing on financing of Current Expense and Road Fund budgets through property tax collection, projected to be lower this year; Assessor says 5% increase needed to compensate drop in the levy tax rate from $1.35 to $1.20 per thousand; state levy should be lower.

11.14.22 AM - BOCC



  • Commissioners correct an error on the county zoning map.

  • Commissioners discuss the 2023 budget for the Treasurer’s Office and decide to continue the discussion later on.

  • Commissioners discuss the budget for the Noxious Weed Control Board because a constituent contacted Commissioner Hover, thinking that the salaries paid are too high.

  • Commissioners recess at 12:15 for lunch and adjourned for the day at 2:55.

11.8.22 AM - BOCC



  • Discussion of ARPA funding ($100,000) for City of Winthrop bridge project,

  • Reclassification of Court Clerk III to an Administrative Secretary with a higher level of duties,

  • Discussion of changing jail billing with cities and towns, based on average use over the last 10 years.

  • Public Works update: This amount of snowfall caught them by surprise – didn't expect it to be so much – trying to catch up; having problems with wiper motors and getting stuck, Corps of Engineer project in Conconully completed,  Shed at the landfill roof collapsed under the snow, DOT planning on connections between Okanogan & Omak including Rodeo Trail. There is some state funding for wildlife crossing on Hwy 97, Still working with OCOG on new recreation trails position, County Engineer reports that our temperatures will go down in the single digits tomorrow,

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:29. Public Health at 1:30

11.8.22 - BOH



  • $3.5M contract amended, directs $49,000 to emergency preparedness.

  • Overdose calls doubled over past year, eclipsing Covid (managable at two cases/day)

  • Tiny shelters and added space in shelters planned for homeless  this winter

  • Brainstorming over solutions to poorly protected cesspool on lakeside property brings up re-writing of rules, need for connection to existing sewer extension, and improving  inter-departmental communication (instead of ringing up lawyer bills)

  • Public health has new Board member, seeks Environmental Health specialist.​

11.8.22 PM - BOCC



• County pledges support to Oroville Housing Authority’s 16-unit project now in bid stage, could benefit from bond-generated infrastructure fund.

• Economic Alliance chief strongly encourages applying for an advantageous grant for broadband

• Public Works allocated ARPA (American Rescue Plan) funds

• Short discussion about Tunk moratorium and future minimum lot size increase

• Pearrygin Lake should be getting “no wake” zone.

11.7.22 PM - BOCC



  • Mike Worden, Dispatch Center, discusses his proposed letter the commissioners could send to legislators to obtain funding for new radios and other equipment for emergency responders in the county. The emergency responders need to upgrade their radios to be compatible with the new dispatch system.

  • Ester Milner and the commissioners continue their discussion about updating the County Code. They consider appointing a committee to work on the project.

  • Commissioners adjourn at 3:15.

11.7.22 AM - BOCC



  • Emergency Manager recounts multitude of minor snowstorm-related incidents

  • Planning report: more non-permitted Septic tanks installed;  take on  a summer intern?

  • Fairgrounds manager presents state funding application for signature, grant received from state to upgrade bathrooms, sewer problem fixed

  • Cmsr. Hover ponders County’s median income figures

  • District Court budget features falling revenues from lack of jury trials, not writing tickets, the pandemic; Cmsr. Hover asks why District Parole Officer is necessary.

11.2.22 - BOCC



No meetings held today

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11.1.22 AM & PM - BOCC



Commissioners did not meet- No Quorum

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10.31.22 - BOCC



  • Maurice Goodall and Pete Palmer give brief updates to the Commissioners.

  • Commissioner Branch and Lanie Johns discuss an Oroville Housing Authority Project.

Adjourn for lunch at 11:35 and at the end of the day at 2:04.

10.25.22 AM - BOCC



  • Fire Chiefs haven't decided about ending burn ban yet due to not enough rain.

  • Staff from the State Auditor Office gives Award to Okanogan County Staff for excellence in Financial Reporting citing strong internal controls, good communication between departments, leadership, willingness, and over all good stewards of Taxpayer monies.

  • Roni Holder-Diefenbach – Director of Economic Alliance provides 2 lists with priorities for infrastructure projects – Omak Reservoir Project given the highest priority, BOCC wants to meet with OCOG (Okanogan County Organization of Governments) & Economic Alliance to discuss utilizing monies in Economic Alliance fund for different projects and possible changes in process. Big career event at the Agri-Plex tomorrow.

  • Public Works Update

  • Emergency Services and Army Corps of Engineers on dredging work in Conconully following the fire and flood.

  • Recessed at 11:52 until 1:30 session.

10.25.22 PM - BOCC



  • Fairgrounds budget abounds with repairs, improvements; part-time clerk at top of busy Manager’s wish list; Conservation District donating 200 trees

  • Veterans’, HR and Commissioners’ budgets gone over, no sticky issues

  • Mike Beaver from Juvenile Dept. to be reclassified since taking on new duties no longer assured by Superior Court

  • Resolution passed to transfer bond money from current expenses to “Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund”

  • Health department to get $200,000/year in ARPA funds from County

  • Possible exchange of property between County and City of Okanogan

10.24.22 AM - BOCC



  • Plumbing issues continue at the Fairgrounds. Commissioner Branch makes suggestions he thinks are needed to fix the on-going water infrastructure problems.

  • Pete Palmer, Planning Director, tell the commissioners that the Hearing Examiner has requested a raise in salary. Usually his contract auto-renews. She will survey Chelan, Douglas and Grant counties to learn the credentials and salaries of their Hearing Examiner.

  • Angela Brown makes a public comment, expressing her concerns about some of the candidates running in the upcoming election. The commissioners suggest she talk to the Public Disclosure Commission.

  • The Commissioners work on the 2023 budgets for the Prosecutor’s Office and the Coroner’s Office. Dave Rodriguez, the Coroner, hopes to add a second employee to the office in 2023 so that he will have back-up.

Recess for lunch at 12:30. Reconvene at 1:30.

10.24.22 PM - BOCC



• Budget reviews for Planning Dept, Noxious Weed board, Building dept, WSU extension.

• Discussion about surplussing a vehicle from Sheriff’s Dept

​• Short discussion about homeless population and housing situation in general.

10.18.22 PM - BOCC



Fairgrounds toilets getting plugged up.

• 152 building permit applications out for pot growers, many in Chiliwist; Building Dept. praised for being user-friendly.

• Pest Board still not allowed to treat Twisp farm for scotch thistle; Osoyoos milfoil treatments working, will likely be approved by Canada; town hall meetings envisioned to ease tensions with Chesaw farmers.

• Voluntary Stewardship Program needs new work group members; encourages compliance with critical area protection initiatives as alternative to added government regulation; wildlife reaping benefits.

• Fairgrounds tractor trade-in promises to be costly

• Treasure and Auditor proud of Stewardship award, a rare recognition by State Auditor’s office of excellence in audit compliance.

• Meeting adjourned at 4:00.

10.18.22 AM - BOCC



  • Update from Human Resources/Risk Manager,

  • Approved a large (17 item) Consent Agenda,

  • Emergency Services Manager met with Fire Advisory Group – Burn ban may be able to be lifted 10/28 as moisture expected this coming weekend,

  • Army Corps of Engineers begin work in Conconully – dredging creek/removing sediment and debris, and removing fish,

  • Public Hearing on Utility Franchise/Granite Construction,

  • Public Works update: Oroville Shop roof finished yesterday, outlines annual construction project list. Reports problems with Salmon Creek Project – materials.

  • Meeting Adjourned/recessed until PM Session @11:16

10.17.22 - BOCC



• Commissioners hear a presentation from ALPHA Facilities Solutions about their recent study of the Court House and what work would needs to be done on it.

• Commissioners, along with Ester Milner and Theresa Petrey, discuss technical issues involved in rewriting the County Code.

• Naomie Peasley updates the Commissioners about the Fairgrounds. There are still problems with plumbing. Also, she would like to be able to participate in Fair Advisory Committee (FAC) meetings and advise the FAC. The commissioners will consider her request.

​• Commissioners work on the budgets for the Dispatch Center, and the Juvenile and Superior Courts.

10.11.22 - BOH




  • Public comment from distributor wanting to provide more water for residents without wells, Hover repeats his objection to legalizing “eternal” cisterns, Environmental Health expert Michael Harr says water rights necessary.

  • Air quality a “year-round issue”, especially in Methow and since September; 450 filters distributed, collaboration growing among local organizations.

  • State funds appropriated for people isolating from Covid; Health Dept. to give employees $5,000 retention incentive.

  • Covid continues to drop, STDs on the increase, tribes and county working together with good results.

  • Confusing building permit application form leads to expensive misunderstanding, wording to be clarified.

  • Board agrees to test for sewage leakage on property near Lake Osoyoos; need to react to resident’s concerns outweighs “letter of the law”.

10.11.22 AM- BOCC



  • Considering extending the Burn Ban until the end of the month, with the exception of fire in approved campfire rings.

  • Budget work session with Central Services.

  • Public Works: Preparing to send out for bids on construction of 3 buildings: 2 County Shops, storage for Sheriff's Office/Coroner; establishing policy for temporary employees.

  • Solid Waste:  Results of apple maggot survey.

  • November election ballots go out on October 21st.

  • Adjourn 11:29

10.11.22 PM - BOCC



• Public comment from distributor wanting to provide more water for residents without wells, Hover repeats his objection to legalizing “eternal” cisterns, Environmental Health expert Michael Harr says water rights necessary.

• Air quality a “year-round issue”, especially in Methow and since September; 450 filters distributed, collaboration growing among local organizations.

• State funds appropriated for people isolating from Covid; Health Dept. to give employees $5,000 retention incentive.

• Covid continues to drop, STDs on the increase, tribes and county working together with good results.

• Confusing building permit application form leads to expensive misunderstanding, wording to be clarified.

​• Board agrees to test for sewage leakage on property near Lake Osoyoos; need to react to resident’s concerns outweighs “letter of the law”.

10.10.22 AM - BOCC



  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management, talks about whether or not the county will postpone lifting the burn ban. Also discusses the rules of burn bans vs burn restrictions.

  • Pete Palmer, Director of Planning, discusses the upcoming meeting with the Barnholt Loop people. She and the commissioners also discuss what sort of group should be formed.

  • Joe Poulin, Maintenance Supervisor, discusses the recent facilities assessment done on the Courthouse and other buildings. The Commissioners learned at last Monday’s meeting that they will have $12,000,000 in PILT money (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) coming. Some of that will be spent replacing sewer lines. The Commissioners would very much like to have a replacement schedule so they’re not always waiting until something breaks to replace it.

  • Naomie Peasley, Fairgrounds Manager, discusses the new starting gates at the Fairgrounds and changes she’d like to make in the rental agreements for 2023.

  • Commissioners review proposed budgets for Extension Program and the Clerk of the Court’s Office.

  • Commissioners ask Lanie Johns to prepare resolutions for ARPA (American Recovery Plan Act) money for the Towns of Winthrop and Twisp--$100,000 for Winthrop for design work for a water line across the bridge. $75,000 for Twisp to be able to annex property to build more housing on and for a new well.

10.04.22 AM - BOCC



  • Budget Supplemental hearings; Noxious Weed and Law Library.

  • HR: Minimum wage goes up to $15.74 in January per L&I. This increases other hourly employees' wages.  Estimated cost to County- $65,000, 10 of 13 positions filled in the Dispatch Center,

  • Update from Public Works, jail staff are putting in a lot of overtime,

  • Passed resolutions for distributions to Fire District 6 & Community Action from ARPA funds.

  • Adjourn/Recess at 11:29

10.04.22 PM - BOCC



Department Heads Quarterly Reports:

  • Assessment values up $1B from last year

  • High suicides, overdoses, reflect national trend

  • Three Sheriff’s hirees in training, two more to begin

  • Many trials in preparation

  • Short-staffed Auditor to ask for help with elections

  • Nutrition, Ag teaching posts available through WSU Extension

  • Fairgrounds busier than ever

  • Morgue, District Court (Public Works building) construction scheduled for spring

  • Public lands money received

  • Master Plan priorities shift to infrastructure; “ridiculous” bids received

  • Lack of housing, daycare, hindrances to county hiring

  • Guest internet works like a charm

  • Sheriff’s special employee contract, incentives for sharing workload worked out,

  • Burn ban on campfires ends Oct.7th, other burning  to resume Oct. 12th “on recommendation”

  • Meeting adjourned at 3:50

10.03.22 PM - BOCC



  • Review of County code.

  • Discussion of the fee waiver for Fair and the financial accounting of it

  • Presentation from Moss Adams, a company that provides management and compliance
    services for ARPA grants.

  • Executive Session postponed until tomorrow

10.03.22 AM - BOCC



  • BOCC will hear a presentation at noon from the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) about applying for funds.

  • Naomie Peasley describes recurring plumbing problems at the Fairgrounds. Also, the Fair in eligible for a $15,000 grant from the Washington Festivals and Events Association. Commissioner Hover needs to complete the application.

  • The Okanogan County Community Action Council (OCCAC) requested $250,000 in ARPA funds for foods programs and services but would like to be able to buy new equipment (a cooler/freezer and large generator, and laptops and training for volunteer staff) with the money instead. They’ll use money they’ve received from Community Development Block Grants to fund the food programs as well as assistance for rent and utilities. They’d like to make the change because the CDBG requirements for purchase of equipment are onerous, and ARPA requirements for purchase of equipment are not. BOCC agrees with the changes.

  • BOCC has a short discussion about the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT), which will pass through Okanogan County and six other Washington counties.

  • BOCC watches the WSAC presentation and adjourns for lunch at 12:30.

09.27.22 AM - BOCC



  • Discussion with Central Services and Risk Manager regarding WiFi access points and upgrading equipment,

  • Received and reviewed 2 Title III proposals; Search & Rescue, and Ok Co Conservation District – there will be 45 days for public comment, 

  • Discussion of Architect recommendation for Coroner/Equipment Shed – possibly include with 2 Public Works Shops going out for bid, Landfill update and new legislation concern; HB 1799 dealing with composting. 

  • Public Works: Bridge work, Salmon Creek Drainage Project, Cameron Lake Project, Mazama Intersection looking for funding from Economic Alliance possibly, Some discussion regarding what is recyclable and where costs over-ride benefit, Short discussion on feasibility of electric cars and how to get the road funds. 

  • Adjourned at 12:01. Will come back at 1:30