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Omak - Okanogan
Advisory Group

Vision Statement

“The Omak and Okanogan area is the most populated area of the county. The city of Okanogan is the County seat and the City of Omak is the largest city in the County. The cities are the hub of Okanogan County with many of the Counties government buildings being located here.

The outlying areas that surround the cities are growing rapidly. The growth of the area will lean heavily upon expanding the roads and infrastructure of the area as well as emergency services, solid waste disposal, and water.

While the growth of the area is inevitable, doing this will take careful review and planning to keep the growth in check to not impact the balance of “small town America” and a thriving economy. In order to manage this, a need for small businesses, farmers markets, truck farming and other agricultural uses in the unincorporated areas of the county should be allowed to thrive. Allowing this to happen will keep the agricultural way of life alive in the area.”

Appendix A Draft 5/13/2009

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