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These notes were taken by an Okanogan County Watch volunteer. Every attempt is made to be accurate. Notes are verbatim when possible, and otherwise summarized or paraphrased.
Note takers comments or clarifications are in italics. These notes are not the official county record of the meeting. For officially approved minutes, which are normally published at a later time,  CLICK HERE.
The time stamps refer to the times on the AV Capture archive of the meeting on this date at the County livestream archive. To locate items in real time, the clock on the wall in the AV Capture screen can be helpful.
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04.16.2024 Tues AM BOCC

Meeting Highlights: 

  • Public Comment: Ms. Jackson – relates concerns regarding public housing and drug use by occupants asking for more investigation into the matter.

  • Blue Sky Minds approved to use BOCC logo on food assessment and website to show cooperative relationship with the County.

  • Finance Committee Meeting: Aeneas Valley Irrigation District able to pay back some of money owed to County. ARPA funds approved for two Community Action projects – one for food crisis funding; BOCC supportive of Twisp’s land purchase; supports Wa. State Dept of Parks & Recreation purchase of property near Pearrygin Lake. The board discussed the bid for work on the courthouse elevators. 

  • Public Works: Conditions have been completed for the vacation of an unnamed connector road between Meek road and Susan road in the Lost River Airport Tracts Association, so an order of vacation will be filed. Grading roads and finishing up with the stabilizer. Damage to the Chesaw Road. Road restrictions being lifted in Chesaw. Chip seal project ongoing. No chip seal projects slated for next year. Two letters to go out for Okanogan County Organization of Governments: the Colville Tribes and the town of Riverside. 

  • Appointment letters signed for new Board of Equalization member, TV District #1, and Methow Watershed Council.

  • Consideration of officially adopting the Housing Task Force.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:38.

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