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These notes were taken by an Okanogan County Watch volunteer. Every attempt is made to be accurate. Notes are verbatim when possible, and otherwise summarized or paraphrased.
Note takers comments or clarifications are in italics. These notes are not the official county record of the meeting. For officially approved minutes, which are normally published at a later time,  CLICK HERE.
The time stamps refer to the times on the AV Capture archive of the meeting on this date at the County livestream archive. To locate items in real time, the clock on the wall in the AV Capture screen can be helpful.
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04.04.23 Tues AM BOCC

Meeting Highlights: 

  •   ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds report due at the end of April.

  • Commissioners contacted by a nationwide group (NACO) regarding public land in individual counties. They propose utilizing Local And Tribal Consistency Funds (LATCF) which the county receives based on the amount of public land in the County. This new advocacy group (NACO) would take 1% of monies received to help fund this group. Okanogan County share would be $120,000 – the most of any Washington County. BOCC needs more information and initially, is not willing to join this group and utilize our money this way.

  • Board heard from Clerk and Risk Manager regarding the need for car to take sensitive court materials to the Justice Building. 

  • BOCC is amending the Public Health Charter – creating a new resolution. 

  • One bid received for auctioneer services at the County Fair.

  • Approval received for refund allocation of money for the District & Superior Court.

  • Chief Dispatch Officer updates BOCC; Coulee Dam Police Dept will be utilizing Grant County Dispatch services – rather than Okanogan County, to begin next year, budgeting of sales tax revenue among agencies. Continuing to look around for buildings if the proposed site with the City of Okanogan and Tribe does not work. Staffing: 11 of 13 Dispatch positions are now filled. July is the delivery date for the new Mobile Command Center.

  • Permit received for work on Tunk Building.

  • Bid Opening for Old Hwy 97 road project: 3 bids.

  • 4 counties weighing in on bear relocation plan.

  • Resolution changing Fair Assistant position from seasonal to full time.

  • Surplus auction has been advertised for May 13, 2023.

  • Public Works/Planning Department continue to develop new Recreation/ Trails Position.

  • Solid Waste and Public Works: Barnholt Loop considering 25 MPH speed limit change.

  • Adjourn at 11:50 until the afternoon session.

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