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These notes were taken by an Okanogan County Watch volunteer. Every attempt is made to be accurate. Notes are verbatim when possible, and otherwise summarized or paraphrased.
Note takers comments or clarifications are in italics. These notes are not the official county record of the meeting. For officially approved minutes, which are normally published at a later time,  CLICK HERE.
The time stamps refer to the times on the AV Capture archive of the meeting on this date at the County livestream archive. To locate items in real time, the clock on the wall in the AV Capture screen can be helpful.
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04.01.2024 Mon AM BOCC

Meeting Highlights: 

  • Public Comments: Ms. Jackson asks about reported sightings of white busses dropping off illegal immigrants in Omak who would then become part of the local homeless population. She asks what the commissioners are doing to protect the community. The commissioners say they will look into the matter but point out that orchardists are doing a lot of spraying right now and that Gebbers Farms has busses to transport their workers to the orchards. Ms. Jackson also asked why there are no meeting minutes posted for March on the commissioners’ website. They reply they haven’t corrected the March minutes yet.

  • Commissioners hold an executive session under RCW42.30.110(1)(iii)—legal risks of a current practice, inviting Esther Milner, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor, and Cameron Burnette, Deputy Clerk of the Board.

  • Maurice Goodall, Emergency Management reports that the two Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) held recently went well. The meeting in Okanogan was attended by about 80 people.

  • Commissioner Hover proposes giving Room One, a social services organization in the Methow Valley, $100,000 of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds over two years. They would use the money to serve the homeless population.

  • The commissioners discuss contract modifications with the Okanogan County Tourist Council concerning their kiosks.

  • The meeting adjourns for lunch at 12:40.

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