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These notes were taken by an Okanogan County Watch volunteer. Every attempt is made to be accurate. Notes are verbatim when possible, and otherwise summarized or paraphrased.
Note takers comments or clarifications are in italics. These notes are not the official county record of the meeting. For officially approved minutes, which are normally published at a later time,  CLICK HERE.
The time stamps refer to the times on the AV Capture archive of the meeting on this date at the County livestream archive. To locate items in real time, the clock on the wall in the AV Capture screen can be helpful.
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01.25.22 AM - BOCC

Meeting Highlights: 

Maintenance Supervisor updates BOCC on getting heat in the new building, temporarily, and is wondering how to proceed, will coordinate with the architect. Planning Director talks about talking with landowners regarding current moratoriums being lifted – on a case-by-case basis, also reports offering training position to promote to Senior Planner in 4 years. Emergency manager discusses with BOCC again, regarding the importance of safety protocols, fire issues and surveillance, also reports on a block grant for a central valley recovery center. Meeting with Auditor and Central Services staff regarding some possible modules to purchase with the new computer program.Updates with Solid Waste Manager and County Engineer: concern of certain bills in the legislature, road maintenance.

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