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Brewster - Pateros
Advisory Group

Vision Statement

“The Comprehensive Plan Designation for the Brewster/Pateros area encompasses the southwest region of Okanogan County. This area is primarily devoted to agricultural lands, mainly consisting of farms and orchards. In an area known for its vast production of fruit, there is equilibrium with development. Current uses of the land have been positive and will be continued into the future. Citizens of this area want to protect the rural character while utilizing economic and recreational resources. Such resources include the Columbia River/Wells Pool and development of the land. The vision of the Brewster/Pateros area is to protect high quality intensive agriculture lands while maintaining growth. Through maintaining irrigable agriculture, more water rights will be sustained. The plan will allow for careful d&iélàpment within urban areas.

Development of Commercial and Industrial f~ciIities will be allowed and encouraged in designated areas. As with the rest of the County, wildfires continue to be the main concern. To protect the health of the public, development must be created around the availability of water as well as access.”

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